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Anaheim Amigos, Los Angeles Stars, Utah Stars

1967-68 Anaheim Amigos

1968-69 Los Angeles Stars

1969-70 Los Angeles Stars

1970-76 Utah Stars

 Denver Rockets, Denver Nuggets

1967-71 Denver Rockets

1971-74 Denver Rockets

1974-76 Denver Nuggets

1975-76 Denver Nuggets

 Dallas Chaparrals, Texas Chaparrals, San Antonio Spurs

1967-70 Dallas Chaparrals

1970-73 Texas/Dallas

1973-76 San Antonio

San Diego Conquistadors, San Diego Sails

1972-75 San Diego

1975 San Diego Sails

Kentucky Colonels

1967-70 Kentucky Colonels

1971-76 Kentucky Colonels

 Indiana Pacers

1967-76 Indiana Pacers

Minnesota Muskies, Miami Floridians, The Floridians

1967-68 Minnesota Muskies

1968-70 Miami Floridians

1970-71 Floridians

1971-72 Floridians

Pittsburgh Pipers, Minnesota Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors

1967-68 Pittsburgh Pipers

1968-69 Minnesota Pipers

1969-70 Pittsburgh Pipers

1970-71 Pittsburgh Condors

1971-72 Pittsburgh Condors

Houston Mavericks, Carolina Cougars, Spirits of St. Louis

1967-68 Houston Mavericks

1968-69 Houston Mavericks

1969-71 Carolina Cougars

1971-74 Carolina Cougars

Spirits of St. Louis

New Jersey Americans, New York Nets

1967-68 New Jersey Americans

1968-71 New York Nets

1971-76 New York Nets

New Orleans Buccaneers, Memphis Pros, Memphis Tams,
Memphis Sounds, Baltimore Hustlers, Baltimore Claws

1967-69 New Orleans Buccaneers

1969-70 New Orleans Buccaneers

1970-71 Memphis Pros

1971-72 Memphis Pros

1972-74 Memphis Tams

1974-75 Memphis Sounds

1975 Baltimore Hustlers

1975 Baltimore Claws

Oakland Oaks, Washington Caps, Virginia Squires

1967-69 Oakland Oaks

1969-70 Washington Caps

1970-71 Virginia Squires

1971-74 Virginia Squires

1974-76 Virginia Squires


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