The "wild and wacky" happenings in the American Basketball Association were fast and furious. Countless silly (but interesting) events were held by desperate ABA teams in order to attract fans. Other unusual moments were not planned, but highlighted the ABA's reputation as "The Lively League."

On these pages, you can read about some of these unique ABA moments. If you remember a wild & wacky moment from the ABA, and let us know. lt probably belongs on these pages!

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The Main Attraction in Miami (Floridians Ballgirls)

Victor the Wrestling Bear

Denver Rockets Halter Top Night!

Take Off Your Coat and Stay Awhile

Superstar for a Second (Penny Ann Early)

That Was Then, This is Now...

"You Can't Teach Height!"

Robota - The Wicked Witch of the West

The Playboy Bunnies in the ABA

The ABA or the NFL?

Sellout Insurance (1976 ABA All-Star Game)

Nuggets/Spurs Fantastic Finish

Meet the (Canine) Owner of the Kentucky Colonels

We Get the Message - He's a Good Player!

Welcome to the ABA, Boston Celtics

Hey, Look What I Won!

Larry "Broun"

John Brisker Intimidation Night

Please - Don't Drop This Trophy!

Super Fan Boo Bird Bob Pearce