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The 1975 ABA Western Division Finals featured the underdog Indiana Pacers against the powerful Denver Nuggets in a seven-game series.

In a brazen bid to shake up Denver's psyche in Game 2 of the series, the Pacers imported their secret weapon to Denver - super-mascot Dancin' Harry.  To the confusion of a standing-room only crowd of 7,491 at Denver's Auditorium Arena, Dancin' Harry (above left) put a pre-game hex on the Nuggets.  The hex worked like a charm, as the Pacers got a 131-124 win and stole the home-court advantage from Denver. 

When the series returned to Denver for a critical Game 5, the Nuggets left nothing to chance.  To counteract any appearance by Indiana's Dancin' Harry, and another possible hex, the Nuggets hired Robota, the "Wicked Witch of the West," to make a special appearance.  

The bizarre-looking witch put a spell on the entire Pacers team during pre-game warmups (above right), including a pensive Darnell Hillman (below left).  She cast a special curse on George McGinnis, using a life size cutout of Big George and a smoking cauldron at mid-court.  During the game, she even spent some quality time behind the Pacers' bench casting even more spells (below right).

All of the spells, curses and hexes seemed to backfire on the Nuggets, as the Pacers outshot, outhustled and outscored the Nuggets for a 109-90 blowout that wasn't even that close.  

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