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ABA Statistics

With the exception of the downloadable databases/spreadsheets beow, most of the statistics on this page have been contributed by "ABA Statistics Guru" Robert Bradley. Robert is the founder of the Association for Professional Basketball Research (the "APBR"). If you're interested in joining the APBR, let him know. Also, click here to visit Robert's ever-expanding APBR web page.

ABA Career Leaders (contributed by Robert Bradley)

Scoring, Rebounding, Assists, Three-Point Field Goals Made, Games Played, Minutes Played, Field Goal Percentage, Scoring Average and Free Throw Percentage

Best Single Season Performances in ABA History (contributed by Scott Haebich)

Scoring, Rebounding, Assists, Two-Point Field Goal Percentage, Three-Point Field Goal Percentage, Free Throw Percentage, Blocked Shots, Steals, Team Winning Percentage, Team Scoring Difference

ABA Team-by-Team and League All-Time Scoring Leaders (contributed by Robert Bradley)

All-Time Top 20 ABA Scorers (detailed)
Dallas Chaparrals/San Antonio Spurs All-Time Top 20 ABA Scorers
Denver Rockets/Denver Nuggets All-Time Top 20 ABA Scorers
New Jersey Americans/New York Nets All-Time Top 20 ABA Scorers
Indiana Pacers All-Time Top 20 ABA Scorers
Kentucky Colonels All-Time Top 20 Scorers
San Diego Conquistadors/San Diego Sails All-Time Top 20 Scorers
Minnesota Muskies/Miami Floridians/The Floridians All-Time Top 20 Scorers
New Orleans Bucs/Memphis Pros/Memphis Tams/Memphis Sounds All-Time Top 20 Scorers
Pittsburgh Pipers/Minnesota Pipers/Pittsburgh Condors All-Time Top 20 Scorers
Houston Mavericks/Carolina Cougars/Spirits of St. Louis All-Time Top 20 Scorers
Oakland Oaks/Washington Caps/Virginia Squires All-Time Top 20 Scorers
Anaheim Amigos/Los Angeles Stars/Utah Stars All-Time Top 20 Scorers

ABA All-Time Team Winning Percentages (Regular Season and Playoffs) (contributed by Scott Haebich)

ABA Year-to-Year Postseason Awards (contributed by Arthur Hundhausen)

All-Time ABA vs. NBA Exhibition Game Results (contributed by Arthur Hundhausen)

Complete List of ABA Player and Referee Uniform Numbers (Year-to-Year) (Contributed by Mel Bailey, Bernie Ruehle & Robert Bradley)

Downloadable ABA Statistics and Resources

John Grasso's Complete ABA Player Spreadsheet (216K download)

This Excel (.xls) spreadsheet contains the name of each and every player who ever played in the ABA (including Penny Ann Early!), and the following information about each player: height, weight, position, college attended, high school attended, date of birth, city and state of birth, nicknames, seasons played, and uniform numbers. John is still in the process of completing the uniform numbers section. Information about certain players is still missing, so please contact John if you can provide any needed information, or just want to help him in his research.
The spreadsheet is a 216K download in .xls format, and you should have Excel 97 or later to view the data. This impressive spreadsheet is the product of literally years of research (not to mention data entering) by John, so please drop him a line if you appreciate his work or want to give him some feedback.

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