David Thompson

Nicknames: "Skywalker," "D.T."
Ht. 6-4
Wt. 195
College - North Carolina State
ABA Team: Denver (1975-76)

3-Time All-American at North Carolina State. Selected # 1 in the 1975 ABA Draft by the Virginia Squires. Selected # 1 in the 1975 NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. College Player of the Year in 1974. ABA Rookie of the Year and All-Rookie team for 75-76. 75-76 ABA All-Star. MVP of 1976 All-Star Game. Famed for tremendous 42" vertical jump. Member of 75-76 ABA All-Pro Team. Member of Basketball Hall of Fame.

Career ABA Totals 83 3101 807 1567 .515 3 19 .158 541 681 .794 525 308 282 136 102 2158 6.3 3.7 26.0
ABA Playoff Totals 13 508 127 237 .536 1 4 .250 88 105 .838 83 39 54 16 5 343 6.4 3.0 26.4
ABA All-Star Totals 1 34 9 18 .500 0 0 .000 11 13 .846 8 2 4 - - 29 8.0 2.0 29.0

MEMORIES OF AL HOFFMAN: "My favorite player was (and still is) "The Skywalker", David Thompson. I had a #33 jersey, his poster, the whole works. He was just such an exciting, explosive player. I got his autograph several times and he was always very gracious. He could do everything that Dr. J could in the air, and he was 3 or 4 inches shorter. What many people forget is that he was a good shooter. He had a great mid-range jumper. If you played too far off of him then he would drain the 15-20 foot J. But, if you got too close, he'd blow by you and create some great memories. I still remember listening to the final game of the 1978 season (after the merger), when he lit up the Detroit Pistons for 73 points. Seemingly, he had won the NBA scoring title until the Iceman dropped 60-something on the Jazz that same night to steal the title back. I remember consoling myself by saying: "At least David lost it to an ABA guy.""

MEMORIES OF SCOTT KNASTER: "It's largely forgotten now, but David Thompson was perhaps the greatest player in the game during his first two seasons, rivaling even Dr. J,before drugs destroyed his career. His first step could beat any player in either league, and his vertical leap was incredible. Although listed at 6'4", Thompson was more like 6'1" or 6'2", making his leaps and dunking all the more incredible."

MEMORIES OF KIM MERRILL: "My favorite ABA memory was attending the exhibition game between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors on October 10, 1975. The game was played at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, home of the NBA Warriors. The Nuggets won 111-107. I finally had the opportunity to see David Thompson play. I was a huge Thompson and NC State fan. This exhibition game featured both Thompson and his little guard, 5-7 Monte Towe, also from NC State. I was able to get both of their autographs during warm-ups that evening. Of course, everyone had heard and seen Thompson's leaping ability on TV (at least to some degree -- there was no ESPN back then!). But during warm-ups what we witnessed was astonishing. "Skywalker" Thompson was taking off from near the free-throw line and dunking. He also did a few 360 dunks. And he did them effortlessly. It really was an incredible sight to see."

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