Oakland Americans (prior to 1967-68)/Oakland Oaks (1967-68 to 1968-69)/
Washington Capitols (1969-70)/
Virginia Squires (1970-71 to 1975-76)

Year-to-Year Notes (courtesy Robert Bradley)

Formative Period
2Feb67 An Oakland ABA franchise is awarded for $30,000 to Pat Boone, S. Kenneth Davidson and Dennis A. Murphy .... The team is named the Oakland Americans .... Boone tries to change the team nickname to the "Jacks" (after former Oakland resident Jack London), but instead the nickname is changed to "Oaks" (the name of Oakland's former Pacific Coast League baseball team) .... Bruce Hale, Rick Barry's former college coach at the University of Miami, is named coach .... 20Jun67 Barry becomes the first NBA star signed by ABA, signing a 3-year, $225,000 contract with Oakland .... Sign Steve Jones and Levern Tart (Jamaico Saints) from AAU .... Sign Ron Franz and Jim Hadnot .... 14Aug67 A California court rules that the San Francisco Warriors can invoke the option clause in Barry's contract to prevent Barry from playing for the Oaks during the 1967-68 season .... Rather than playing out his option season with San Francisco, Barry elects to sit out the season and becomes an Oakland radio announcer

1967-68 (22-56) Sixth Place in Western Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,214

Play in Oakland Coliseum Arena and Oakland Auditorium .... 13Oct67 In the ABA's very first game, the Oaks defeat Anaheim 132-129 -- the first ABA basket is scored by the Oaks' Willie Porter .... 28Nov67 Larry Jones of Denver scores 52 points against Oaks .... Sign Gary Bradds .... Trade Porter to Pittsburgh for Ira Harge .... 9Jan68 Tart plays in All-Star Game .... 18Jan68 Tart is traded to New Jersey for Barry Liebowitz .... 9Feb68 Harge collects 32 rebounds against Pittsburgh .... Team loses a reported $750,000 .... fail to qualify for playoffs

1968-69 (60-18) First Place in Western Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,867

Hale moves into the team's front office as General Manager, and Alex Hannum is named coach and Executive Vice President .... 18Jun68 Jones, Franz and Liebowitz traded to New Orleans for Doug Moe and Larry Brown .... Sign Warren Armstrong, Henry Logan and Jim Eakins .... 28Jan69 Brown, Barry and Moe play in All-Star Game as Hannum coaches West team .... Barry leads league in scoring with 34.0 PPG despite missing half of the season with a knee injury .... Defeat Denver 4 games to 3, New Orleans 4 games to 0, and Indiana 4 games to 1 in playoffs to win the ABA Championship .... Hannum named Coach of the Year .... Armstrong named Rookie of the Year

1969-70 (44-40) Third Place in Western Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 2,992

The Bank of America threatens foreclosure on a $1.2 million loan to the team .... 21Aug69 The franchise is purchased for $2.6 million by a group including Earl M. Foreman (a Washington, D.C. lawyer and former minority owner of the NBA's Baltimore Bullets), Thomas Shaheen and Louis Diamond .... The team is moved to Washington, D.C. as the Washington Caps .... Hannum leaves to coach the San Diego Rockets of the NBA .... Al Bianchi named coach .... Sign Mike Barrett, Fatty Taylor and George Carter .... 28Nov69 The US Ninth District Court in San Francisco upholds Barry's contract with the franchise .... The court holds that the written language of Barry's contract with the Oaks took precedence over any oral agreement between the parties that Barry would be released from his contract if the team moved away from Oakland .... The court also rejects San Francisco's claim that Barry's contract is invalid .... Brown agrees to become coach of Davidson College, but returns to team .... Sign Dave Bing of Detroit to a future contract .... Play in Washington Coliseum and Uline Arena .... Armstrong limited to 40 games and Barry limited to 52 games due to knee injuries .... 24Jan70 Barry and Armstrong play in All-Star Game .... 1Mar70 Barry scores 55 points against Denver .... Apr70 The ABA and NBA near agreement on a merger, with the ABA clubs tentatively agreeing to: (1) pay $11 million to enter the NBA; and (2) move the Washington franchise to a city which would not violate any NBA team's territorial rights.... 14Apr70 The ABA owners vote unanimously to approve merger, although the fate of the Washington franchise is undecided .... 16Apr70 14 NBA players file an antitrust suit to block the ABA-NBA merger .... 28Apr70 Barry scores 55 points against Denver in the playoffs .... Lose in first round of playoffs to Denver 4 games to 3

1970-71 (55-29) First Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 4,309

Foreman asks for $200,000 to release Barry from his contract with Washington, so that Barry can return to San Francisco .... Bianchi becomes General Manager .... The Caps move to Virginia as the Virginia Squires .... Play in Norfolk (Old Dominion University Gym), Roanoke (Roanoke Civic Center), Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads Coliseum) and Richmond (Richmond Arena) .... Sign Charlie Scott, Neil Johnson, George Irvine and Ray Scott .... Jul70 Trade Armstrong to Kentucky for a first round draft pick and cash .... 24Jul70 Trade Bradds and Harge to to Carolina for Doug Moe .... 11Aug70 Trade rights to Billy Paultz to New York for a draft choice and cash .... 2Sep70 Trade Barry to New York for a first round draft pick and a reported $250,000 cash, after Barry makes disparaging remarks about the state of Virginia .... Acquire Frank Card from Miami .... 23Jan71 Scott, Johnson and Carter play in All-Star Game as Bianchi coaches East team .... 15Mar71 Virginia selects three underclassmen in the ABA draft (Tom Riker, Jim Chones and Barry Parkhill), and the selections are voided by the league .... 6Apr71 Virginia signs underclassman Julius Erving to a four-year, $500,000 contract .... Scott named co-winner of Rookie of the Year award (with Kentucky's Dan Issel) .... Al Bianchi named Coach of the Year .... Defeat New York 4 games to 2 in playoffs before losing to Kentucky 4 games to 2

1971-72 (45-39) Second Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 6,124

John Kerr joins team as Administrative Vice President .... Home games in Norfolk moved to Norfolk Scope .... Sign Bernie Williams .... Sep71 Trade Carter to Pittsburgh for a first round draft pick .... Barrett misses season with broken wrist .... 29Dec71 Scott scores 50 points against Carolina .... 19Jan72 Artis Gilmore of Kentucky collects 30 rebounds against the Squires .... 29Jan72 Scott and Erving play in All-Star Game .... 13Mar72 Scott, who finishes the year as the league's leading scorer (34.6 PPG), jumps to Phoenix of the NBA .... 4Apr72 Erving scores 53 points against the Floridians in the playoffs .... 29Apr72 Erving gets 32 rebounds against New York in the playoffs .... Defeat the Floridians 4 games to 0 in playoffs before losing to New York 4 games to 3

1972-73 (42-42) Third Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 6,309

Sign Bob McAdoo, Mike Barr and David Twardzik .... Allow McAdoo to jump to NBA's Buffalo Braves for $200,000 .... Erving hires Irwin Weiner as his new agent after his old agent (Bob Wolf) refuses to renegotiate Erving's contract with the Squires, .... Erving reaches an agreement with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA on a five-year, $1.4 contract .... ABA Commissioner Bob Carlson files suit to prevent Erving from jumping to Atlanta .... Jun72 Swen Nater selected in dispersal draft of Floridians players .... 12Sep72 A Georgia Superior Court rules that Erving's original contract with Virginia signed in 1971 is "voidable and terminated" because his agent at the time (Steve Arnold) was working for the ABA .... 2Oct72 A Federal Judge issues an injunction prohibiting Erving from playing for any team other than Virginia .... 6Nov72 A controversial game between the Squires and Denver played on 26Oct72 is forfeited to the Squires -- Denver coach Alex Hannum had ordered his players to foul any Squires player attempting to shoot, as the Squires won the game 155-111 .... 8Feb73 Erving scores 58 points against New York .... Sign George Gervin .... Erving finishes the season as the league's top scorer with 31.9 PPG .... Lose in first round of playoffs to Kentucky 4 games to 1

1973-74 (28-56) Fourth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 3,313

1Aug73 Trade Julius Erving and Willie Sojourner to New York for George Carter, the rights to Kermit Washington, and $1 million .... The Nets sign Erving to a new five-year, $2 million contract .... Sign Swen Nater .... Sep73 Trade a draft choice to Utah for Cincy Powell .... Oct73 Acquire Larry Miller and a draft pick from San Diego for the rights to Caldwell Jones .... 21Nov73 Trade Nater to San Antonio for a draft pick and $300,000 .... 30Jan74 Squires host All-Star Game as Gervin and Eakins play in game .... 30Jan74 Sell George Gervin to San Antonio for $225,000 .... 6Feb74 A Federal Court in San Antonio rules that ABA Commissioner Mike Storen cannot stop Virginia's sale of Gervin to San Antonio .... 13Mar74 Purchase Johnny Neumann from Indiana .... Lose in first round of playoffs to New York 4 games to 1

1974-75 (15-69) Fifth Place in Eastern Division
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 4,581

28May74 After his paychecks bounce, Virginia player John Parkhill files suit against Earl Foreman, Squires and the ABA for $24,000 in back pay and $360,000 for anticipated breach of contract .... Jack Ankerson becomes General Manager .... The franchise is purchased by the league .... 23Jun74 Virginia franchise sold to a group headed by Van H. Cunningham, John B. Bernhardt and Theodore Broecker .... Aug74 Carter and Barr traded to Memphis for Glen Combs and Mike Jackson .... Aug74 Eakins and Larry Miller traded to Virginia for Johnny Neumann, cash and a draft pick .... Sign David Vaughn .... 5Sep74 Trade Taylor to Denver for Darrell Elston and a first round draft pick .... 13Nov74 Sell Johnny Neumann to Indiana .... 5Dec74 Purchase Red Robbins from Kentucky .... 28Jan75 Twardzik plays in All-Star Game .... 30Jan75 Purchase Willie Wise from Virginia for $300,000 .... Club finishes with the worst record in ABA history .... fail to qualify for playoffs

1975-76 (15-68) Last Place
Avg. Regular Season Attendance: 4,613

14July75 Trade Irvine and rights to David Thompson to Denver for Mike Green, Jan van Breda Kolff and Mack Calvin .... Sign Mel Bennett and Ticky Burden .... 3Nov75 Bianchi fired after 1-6 start .... Bianchi is succeeded by player Calvin on 5Nov75 (0-6), former San Diego coach Bill Musselman on 19Nov75 (4-22), Ankerson on 21Jan76 (1-1), and Zelmo Beaty on 23Jan76 (9-33) .... 10Dec75 Virginia players turn down a plan to defer one-third of their salaries in order to help the financially-troubled franchise .... Calvin plays only 45 games and Mike Green plays in only 54 games due to knee injuries .... 16Jan76 Vaughn convicted of two charges of assault .... 27Jan76 Eakins is traded to New York for for Swen Nater and Bill Schaeffer .... 5Feb76 Sale of advertising banners and a $250,000 loan from a local bank allows Virginia to continue operations .... Team uses 18 different players during the course of the season.... 17Jan76 Neumann and van Breda Kolff traded to Kentucky for Marv Roberts .... fail to qualify for playoffs

Dispersal Period
11May76 The franchise folds after failure to pay a $75,000 league assessment

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