During the rebellious 1960's and 1970's, the ABA was the ultimate "outlaw" league.

At the time, the NBA was staid, traditional, and, well...boring.

The ABA, on the other hand, was a colorful league which (in the words of Sports Illustrated) "valued big hair, flashy dunks, and second chances."

The ABA encouraged individuality. The players, their fashions, and their lifestyles reflected the times -- from the big hair to the bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, and farmer's overalls.

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Larry Brown: The "Modfather"

Wendell Ladner: "Mr. Excitement"

Cincy Powell: Strange Medicine

Larry Jones: The "Mad Hatter"

John Brisker: Armed & Dangerous

The Memphis Tams: Dressed to Thrill

Tom Hagan: Bold...Very Bold

The Denver Rockets: "Columbine Gold and - Lavender?"

Dancin' Harry & the "Whammy"!

Miami Floridians: High Level Competition