Famous ABA Alumni (Part 1)

Famous ABA Alumni (Part 2)

The ABA had a number of memorable personalities. Many of these individuals are still involved in basketball today. Some are coaches, either in the NBA or at the college level. Others may be seen on television, describing NBA or college action for national television audiences.

Below are some rare photos of these ABA Alumni, as they appeared in their "wild" ABA days!

Bob Costas

NOW: Best sportscaster in television. Recently called or hosted the NBA Finals, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the World Series, and the Summer Olympic Games. Recent substitute for Larry King on CNN Live. Current host of "Costas Now" on HBO.

THEN: Rookie radio and TV announcer for the ABA Spirits of St. Louis. Almost assigned by Marvin Barnes to wash Marvin's Rolls Royce in the St. Louis Arena parking lot.

Steve "Snapper" Jones

NOW: Basketball color commentator for ESPN and the Portland Trailblazers.

THEN: High-scoring All-Star guard for the New Orleans Bucs, the Memphis Pros, the Dallas Chaparrals, the Denver Rockets, and the Spirits of St. Louis.

George Karl

NOW: Head Coach of the Denver Nuggets.

THEN: Guard for the San Antonio Spurs. Member of the ABA's All-Time "Big Hair Team."

Jim O'Brien

NOW: College head coach (Ohio State, Boston College). Led the Buckeyes to a 1999 Final Four appearance.

THEN: A speedy guard for the Pittsburgh Condors, Kentucky Colonels, and San Diego Conquistadors, known as "O.B." Helped lead the Colonels to the 1973 ABA Finals.

Famous ABA Alumni (Part 2)

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