American Basketball Association
Uniform, Warmup & Pennant Galleries

Uniform and Warmup Gallery I (Kentucky Colonels, Washington Caps, Virginia Squires)

Uniform and Warmup Gallery II (Denver Rockets, Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Muskies, Miami Floridians,The Floridians)

Uniform and Warmup Gallery III (Dallas Chaparrals, Texas Chaparrals, San Antonio Spurs)

Uniform and Warmup Gallery IV (Pittsburgh Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors, San Diego Conquistadors, San Diego Sails, Houston Mavericks, Carolina Cougars, Spirits of St. Louis)

Uniform and Warmup Gallery V (Indiana Pacers, New Orleans Bucs, Memphis Pros, Memphis Tams, Memphis Sounds, Baltimore Claws)

Uniform and Warmup Gallery VI (Anaheim Amigos, Utah Stars, New York Nets, ABA All-Star Games, ABA Referees)

Pennant Gallery I (Carolina Cougars, Spirits of St. Louis, Dallas Chaparrals, Texas Chaparrals, Denver Rockets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, Kentucky Colonels, Los Angeles Stars, Utah Stars, Miami Floridians, The Floridians)

Pennant Gallery II (New Jersey Americans, New York Nets, New Orleans Buccaneers, Memphis Pros, Memphis Tams, Memphis Sounds, Baltimore Claws, Oakland Oaks, Washington Caps, Virginia Squires, Pittsburgh Pipers, Pittsburgh Condors, San Diego Conquistadors, San Diego Sails, 1975 ABA All-Star Game)

Please do not write in asking to purchase the uniforms and warmups found in these galleries. All of the uniforms here are actual, game-worn ABA jerseys from the 1960's and 1970's held by private collectors. Most if not all of these collectors have spent literally decades searching for and acquiring these pieces (at very high prices), because of their passion and love for the ABA. These individuals are simply not interested in selling their prize possessions to strangers through the internet.

Mitchell & Ness has produced high-quality faithful replicas of a few of these jerseys. However, you will not be able to buy any of the replicas from this web site (nothing is sold here). You'll be able find some authorized Mitchell & Ness dealers by reading the ABA uniform section of the ABA Frequently Asked Questions page.

The uniform and warmup photos have been contributed by various ABA uniform collectors and dealers across the country--including Jon (the "Godfather") Singer, Dick Engelberg, Brian Clark, Jon Richmond, Roy Heyen, Michael Murphy, Al Hunter, Marty Machniak, Eric (the "Kid") D'Adamo, Bob Lieb, Lou Lampson, Bob Netolicky, Matt Roblez, Robb Wochnick, Rich Russek at Grey Flannel Collectibles, Irv Inniger, Dan Hallock, Wayne Otto, Gus Gerard, Al Trautwig and Rick Kohl at Broadway Rick's Strike Zone. Thanks to each of these individuals.

The pennant galleries contain photos of vintage ABA pennants. The photos have been contributed by various ABA pennant collectors across the country -- including Jon (the "Godfather") Singer, Rick Haskins, Jeff Mendenhall, Marc Gundersen, Irv Inniger, and Roy Heyen. Thanks to each of these individuals.

If you have an ABA uniform, warmup or pennant that does not appear on these pages, and would like to contribute a photo,

If you want an up-close view of one of the most fantastic and colorful basketball uniform collections in existence, check out Dick Engelberg's new web page "Dick's Courtroom." But, please keep in mind that Dick's web site is not a store and he will not respond to requests to buy his uniforms.

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