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Selected reviews/features of this website include:

Rocky Mountain News -- mention/interview in Chris Tomasson column (June 16, '03); Miami Herald -- mention/interview in Stephen F. Holder ABA article (June 16, '03); San Antonio Express-News -- mention/interview in Tim Griffin column (June 15, '03); San Diego Union-Tribune Cool Web Site mention (June 11, '03); Los Angeles Times -- mention in Mark Heisler ABA article (June 11, '03); Dallas Morning News -- mention in Jan Hubbard ABA article (June 11, '03); Palm Beach Post -- mention in Greg Stoda ABA article (June 8, '03); ESPN Radio -- interview with Weekend GameNight crew (June 8, '03); Chicago Sun-Times -- mention in Greg Couch ABA article (June 4, '03); Orlando Sentinel -- mention in Brian Schmitz ABA article (June 4, '03); Daily Oklahoman (June 4, '03); New York Times -- mention in Richard Sandomir article (June 3, '03); Houston Chronicle -- mention in Michael Murphy ABA article (June 2, '03); Dallas Morning News -- mention in Jan Hubbard ABA article (May 19, '03); Rocky Mountain News -- mention in Chris Tomasson column (April 4, '03); Charlotte Observer -- mention in Leonard Laye ABA article (Mar. 19, '03); Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine -- "Wired Hoops" review of best basketball web sites (Mar. '02); Sacramento News & Review -- "In the Mix" site review (March 6, '03); Montreal Mirror -- featured page (Oct. 24, '02); Street & Smith's 2002-03 Basketball Yearbook -- "When Da Funk Was Alive" (Fall '02); Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- 5-star review (June 12, '02); Bradenton Herald (FL) -- review (May 26, '02); Fort Worth Star Telegram - mention in Charles Polansky ABA article (May 1, '02); Sports Collectors Digest -- "ABA Alive on Web" article by Tom Hultman (July 13, '01); Sports Collectors Digest -- featured in Tom Hultman article (June 29, '01); TV Guide Online Web Watch review (May 1, '02); Denver Post - Sports Web Site of the Week review (May 13, '01); Basketball Digest -- featured in Brett Ballantini ABA article (Mar. '01); ESPN Radio -- Interview with Bob Valvano on the "V Show" (Feb. 8, '01); -- "Site Unseen" mention (Feb. '01); Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (Julius Erving photos, Jan. 12, '01); World Village -- Family Site of the Day (Oct. 16, '00); Yahoo! Pick of the Week (Aug. 7, '00); KTRK-TV Houston (August 2, '00); Failure Magazine -- review (June '00); Sports Illustrated -- mention in article by John Walters (June 5, '00); USA Today -- mention in Chris Jenkins' eSports column (May 11, '00); Webby Awards -- Nominee in Sports Category (March 15, '00); LA Times -- mention in Steve Henson column (Feb. 10, '00); New York Magazine Online -- mention in The Surf Report (Jan. 23, '00); Wall Street Journal (Sept. 30, '99); Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition (Sept. 15, '99); ESPN The Magazine (Aug. 23, '99); New York Times on the Web -- mention in Richard Sandomir column (June 16, 1999); Austin 360 (June 16, 1999); Basketball News (May 10, '99); Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online -- 5-star rating (May 6, '99); Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine -- Best of the Web Review, 4-star rating (Feb. 1999); San Antonio Express-News (Dec. 18, '98); The Palm B each Post (FL) (Nov. 29, '98); Norfolk Virginian-Pilot (Nov. 2, '98); Web Side Story -- Top 10 Pick of the Week (Nov. 2-9, '98); Los Angeles Daily News (Oct. 26, '98); Geocities Sports and Recreation Avenue -- Featured Page (Oct. 9, '98); Details Magazine -- 'Turn It Up' rating (July '98); San Jose Mercury News Online (June '98); Beckett Basketball Card Monthly (Apr. 1998); Beckett Online -- Hot Click Award (Feb. '98); Inside Sports (Feb. '98); Basketball Digest (Feb. '98); Netscape "What's Cool" Web Site (Dec. 11-15, '97); Rocky Mountain News/Inside Denver (Nov. 11, '97); San Francisco Examiner (Oct. 23, '97); Fort Worth Star Telegram -- 4-star rating (Oct. 20, '97); Geocities Cool Site of the Day (Oct. 14, '97) Sports Illustrated -- mention in Letters to Editor (Oct. 6, '97); The New Southern California Basketball Server -- Hot Site (Sept. '97); Lycos -- Top 5% of the Web Award, Rating of 83/100 (Nov. '96 - present); Yahoo! Sports and Recreation Cool Link (Dec. '97 - present); Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide (eBlast) (recommended site)

The copyright to the ABA Logo (and its appearance on a red, white and blue basketball) is held by American Basketball Association, Inc. It is used on this web site with the permission of the copyright holder. The copyrights to the photos used on this web site are held by their respective photographers. The photos are used with permission.

This site is maintained by Arthur Hundhausen. This site would not be possible without the generous contributions of Dave Gonyea, Jon Singer (the "Godfather" of ABA Collectors) and John & Mary Carole Oznick. Thanks also to Marty Machniak, Robert Bradley, Phil Boyer, Dan Pattison, John Grasso, Lee Meade, Van Vance and Rick Belcher at WHAS-AM Radio in Louisville, Michael Murphy, Brett Ballantini, Bob and Dave Lederer, Al Hunter, Scott Haebich, Mark Herrmann, Dave Thomas, Roger W. Brown Jr., Lloyd "Pinky" Gardner, Tim McGinnis, Matthew Roblez, David King, John Chapman, Bob Valvano at EPSN Radio, Mark Wick, Ron "Da Guru" Harris, Eric (the "Kid") D'Adamo, Dick Engelberg, Roy Heyen, Michael Herlehy and David Yang at Cramer-Krasselt Marketing, Bob Lieb, Brian Clark, Dan Hallock, Irv Inniger, Rick Kohl at Broadway Rick's Strike Zone, Robb Wochnick, Frank Amtmann, Mina Williamson, Reggie Marshall, Dick Lawrence, Scott Ward, John Budke, Dave Rosenthal, Frank Oakes, Jon Richmond, Bob Netolicky, Rich Russek at Grey Flannel Collectibles, Steve Ooley, Jim Carter, George Cardoza, Robert Hurt, Mark Mahagen, John Harrell, and Bill & Leo Hirsch for their help and contributions.

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