Remember the ABA
Discussion Group/Bulletin Board

To join the discussion group on the old ABA, go to:

Over the past five years, many of you have recommended that we start an ABA discussion group or bulletin board (like Robert Bradley's APBR Discussion Group). This would allow visitors to Remember the ABA could get to know each other, and discuss all aspects of the old ABA.

Some of you have questions about ABA memorabilia ("Where can I find a New Orleans Buccaneers pennant?"). Some of you want to energize a group of ABA Fans to encourage the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame to admit more ABA players (like Roger Brown, Louie Dampier, Artis Gilmore, and Bobby Jones). Some of you are interested in finding out more details about your favorite ABA teams and players ("Where are they now?"). And some of you are even planning new ABA reunion events (like Pat Cosgrove's upcoming ABA Fantasy Camp). The new discussion board hopefully will provide all of these questions and issues.

I would like to send a special Remember the ABA Newsletter to members of the discussion group, in order to announce major page updates and/or special ABA events. Finally, I would also like to make some exclusive ABA action photos/screen savers, ABA posters, and ABA-related databases available for download at the discussion group web page.

So here are the details if you would like to join or participate in the "Remember the ABA" discussion group. You'll need to join the group to see past and future discussions.

I recommend going to the web address for the group at:

You can sign up to join the group there (although you must have a free Yahoo! ID and password first). If you bookmark that web address, you will be able to view group messages on the web like a regular "bulletin board." Or, you can sign up to have group messages e-mailed to you. You'll also be able to see a list of members. You'll have access to the special ABA downloadable items mentioned above. Once you are a member of the group, you can post a message to the entire group from the web page, or simply send an e-mail to

You can also choose to participate via e-mail only (and you DON'T need a Yahoo ID or password for this option). Your first "e-mail only option" is to receive a separate e-mail each time someone posts a message to the group. I don't recommend this method because if this group eventually becomes busy, you will receive too many e-mails each day. But if you do choose this method, all you have to do is send an e-mail to:

Once you are member of the group, you can post a message to the entire group by sending your message to If you choose the separate e-mail method, and then regret it, you can cancel the individual e-mails by sending an e-mail (from ANY e-mail account) to:

A second method of participating via "e-mail only" is to choose to receive a "digest" of many e-mails at once. If you want this option (which I recommend if you want to participate by e-mail only), send an e-mail to:

To stop receiving any e-mails whatsoever from the group, you can simply send an e-mail to:

I look forward to seeing many of you on the new group. By the way, I am a member of several other Yahoo/eGroups, and I have never had a problem with spam from these lists. If you have any questions or concerns, please

Best regards (and "All the Way ABA!"), Arthur

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