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ABA All-Star Games (1968-1976)

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1st ABA All-Star Game: January 9, 1968
Site: Indianapolis, Indiana (Hinkle Field House)
Attendance: 10,872
East Coach: Jim Pollard, Minnesota Muskies
West Coach: Babe McCarthy, New Orleans Buccaneers
Winner: East, 126-120
MVP: Larry Brown, New Orleans Buccaneers


2nd ABA All-Star Game: January 28, 1969
Site: Louisville, Kentucky (Convention Center)
Attendance: 5,407
East Coach: Gene Rhodes, Kentucky Colonels
West Coach: Alex Hannum, Oakland Oaks
Winner: West, 133-127
MVP: John Beasley, Dallas Chaparrals


3rd ABA All-Star Game: January 24, 1970
Site: Indianapolis, Indiana (Fairgrounds Coliseum)
Attendance: 11,932
East Coach: Slick Leonard, Indiana Pacers
West Coach: Babe McCarthy, New Orleans Buccaneers
Winner: West, 128-98
MVP: Spencer Haywood, Denver Rockets
4th ABA All-Star Game: January 23, 1971
Site: Greensboro, North Carolina (Greensboro Coliseum)
Attendance: 14,407
East Coach: Al Bianchi, Virginia Squires
West Coach: Bill Sharman, Utah Stars
Winner: East, 126-122
MVP: Mel Daniels, Indiana Pacers
1st Annual NBA/ABA All-Star Game: May 28, 1971
Site: Houston, Texas (The Astrodome)
Attendance: 16,364
ABA Coach: Larry Brown (Denver Rockets player)
NBA Coach: Bill Russell (former Boston Celtics player-coach)
Winner: NBA, 125-120
MVP: Walt Frazier, New York Knicks
All-Star showdown helped lift ABA (by Michael Murphy, © 1996 Houston Chronicle)
5th ABA All-Star Game: January 29, 1972
Site: Louisville, Kentucky (Freedom Hall)
Attendance: 15,738
East Coach: Joe Mullaney, Kentucky Colonels
West Coach: LaDell Andersen, Utah Stars
Winner: East, 142-115
MVP: Dan Issel, Kentucky Colonels
No Program Issued
2nd Annual ABA/NBA All-Star Game: May 25, 1972
Site: Long Island, New York (Nassau Coliseum)
Attendance: 14,086
ABA Coach: Al Bianchi, Virginia Squires
NBA Coach: Elgin Baylor (former Los Angeles Lakers player)
Winner: NBA, 106-104
MVP: Bob Lanier, Detroit Pistons
6th ABA All-Star Game: February 6, 1973
Site: Salt Lake City, Utah (The Salt Palace)
Attendance: 12,556
East Coach: Larry Brown, Carolina Cougars
West Coach: LaDell Andersen, Utah Stars
Winner: West, 123-111
MVP: Warren Jabali, Denver Rockets
A Magnificent Obsession: Memories of the 1973 ABA All-Star Game (by Dan Pattison)


7th ABA All-Star Game: January 30, 1974
Site: Norfolk, Virginia (The Norfolk Scope)
Attendance: 10,624
East Coach: Babe McCarthy, Kentucky Colonels
West Coach: Joe Mullaney, Utah Stars
Winner: East, 128-112
MVP: Artis Gilmore, Kentucky Colonels


8th ABA All-Star Game: January 28, 1975
Site: San Antonio, Texas (HemisFair Arena)
Attendance: 10,449
East Coach: Kevin Loughery, New York Nets
West Coach: Larry Brown, Denver Nuggets
Winner: East, 151-124
MVP: Freddie Lewis, Spirits of St. Louis
San Antonio's Lone Star Game (by David King, © 1996 San Antonio Express-News)


9th ABA All-Star Game: January 27, 1976
Site: Denver, Colorado (McNichols Arena)
Attendance: 17,798
All Star Coach: Kevin Loughery, New York Nets
Denver Nuggets Coach: Larry Brown
Winner: Denver Nuggets, 144-138
MVP: David Thompson, Denver Nuggets
The ABA Way: For Pure Entertainment Value, American Basketball Association Was a Slam Dunk (by Michael Murphy, © 1996 Houston Chronicle)
Glen Campbell and Dr. J: The 1976 ABA All-Star Game
That's right--Glen Campbell (right) was there to see Julius Erving's legendary slam dunk from the free-throw line at the 1976 ABA All-Star Game in Denver. See the McNichols Arena scoreboard in the background?
The organizers of the game were worried that the game would not sell out. So they hired Glen Campbell and Charlie Rich to give a two-hour pre-game concert.
Because of the concert, and because of the slam dunk contest at halftime, the game ended well after midnight, Denver time. Due to this time factor, a number of fans left in the third quarter and missed a record 52 Denver points in the fourth quarter. The Nuggets came away with a thrilling 144-138 victory over the ABA All-Stars.

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